An X-59 Event for All Ages

Hosted in collaboration with NASA Aeronautics

This event has been postponed until Spring 2022 - stay tuned for a revised date!

Join us from 1:30pm - 4pm for a day of awesome STEM activities!

Activities to include:

  • Compete in a paper X-59 circuits activity
  • Test your knowledge with "Fantastic Forces"
  • Learn about the "Axes of Flight”
  • "See Sound” with a demo from NASA
  • Explore supersonic jets in the past
  • Subject matter expert to speak at 2:30pm in our auditorium

What is the X-59?

One of NASA’s newest experimental aircraft, the X-59 (QueSST) is designed to lower the noise created by planes flying faster than the speed of sound. When planes fly supersonic (faster than the speed of sound), the pressure waves they create combine together and produce a very loud noise called a sonic boom. This noise is so loud that it can damage property and disturb animals.

A unique feature of the X-59 is the placement of two canards in front of the wings. These look like small wings, but they aren’t designed to create lift for the plane. Instead, they help change the movement of the pressure waves so they don’t combine and form the loud sonic boom. Instead, the plane creates a series of sonic “thumps” which are much quieter than booms. The effects of these thumps will be tested in locations around the United States to see if this lower noise level is more acceptable.