Spirit of Dallas White Glove Experience



Enjoy a great experience with 10 of your favorite people when you host a reception that includes a personal “white gloves” tour of more than 35,000 aviation artifact hidden from public view.

Become a member and host your own WHITE GLOVE EXPERIENCE reception. 214 699 4621  email


May 2018 White Glove Experience event

Zeppelin cigarette case

Zeppelin cigarette case

Cindy and Steve Aughinbaugh

Cindy and Steve Aughinbaugh

Carried by Zeppelin Captain Ernst Lehmann on the fatal last flight of the Hindenburg, this cigarette case survived the infamous crash. On Saturday, May 16, 2018, this was one of the behind-glass artifacts made available to hold and examine by Spirit of Dallas Club members at the inaugural White Glove Experience. As a major donor benefit for Spirit of Dallas Club members, the White Glove Experience gives our generous donors and their friends the opportunity to touch and hold history in their hands. SODC members Cindy and Steve Aughinbaugh, shown with the rare vestige of the Hindenburg, hosted the inaugural event with close friends. READ MORE

Kick-Off Reception

Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones and Donald Maynard

On Tuesday, January 23, Spirit of Dallas Club members gathered in the home of major donor Donald Maynard for a lovely evening to recognize major supporters of the Frontiers of Flight Museum. Museum President/CEO Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones launched the exciting new opportunity – WHITE GLOVE EXPERIENCE. Opening up more than 23,000 aviation artifact hidden from public view and in storage, the Museum will host intimate tour parties for up to 10 friends for each participating club member. The exclusive exploration of FOFM treasures comes with commemorative white gloves. 

Martha Norton, VP of Education Alicia Morgan, Board President David Norton, Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones, and Patti and Tom Kiernan

Cindy and Steve Aughinbaugh, VP of Development Jess Hall, David Carruth, Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones, and Patti and Tom Kiernan.


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