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    Welcome to our VIRTUAL TOUR

    Join us on a virtual tour of more than 30 aircraft, 11 galleries, and over 35,000 historical artifacts – from your desktop, laptop, notepad, or mobile device.

    Through Google Cultural Institute, the Frontiers of Flight Museum is accessible to anyone, anywhere.


    Features include:

    • Street View: Move around the galleries and exhibits virtually, selecting high-resolution images of the aircraft, spacecraft, and artifacts that interest you
    • Navigation: Navigate from one area to another area by clicking map locations, or by following the white arrow links on the floor that connect the exhibits
    • Descriptions: Click on any image to learn more
    • Zoom: Click on any image and zoom in to take a closer look
    • My Gallery: Save specific views of aircraft or exhibit and build your own personalized gallery
    • Comments: Add your thoughts to a gallery, aircraft or exhibit and share with friends and family
    • Educational: Students or other groups can work on collaborative projects or collections
    • Compare: Examine two objects side-by-side
    Take the Virtual Tour The Cultural Institute is a Google platform designed to make the world’s culture accessible to anyone, anywhere. The Frontiers of Flight Museum is the newest partner launching on the Google Cultural Institute along with 29 institutions from around the world including the Museo Diocesano Milano in Italy, the Milwaukee Art Museum in Wisconsin and the National Gallery Athens – Alexandros Soutzos Museum in Greece.

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