at the Museum » Saturday, June 22, 2019
10 am – 2 pm

Attendees2Experience the Frontiers of Flight Museum and learn how Dallas Love Field serves as a transportation hub for 12 million people a year at the Dallas City of Learning Turn Up! event.

FireTruck1Activities included:

• FREE admission to the Frontiers of Flight Museum
• Touring the new terminal at Dallas Love Field
• Checking out the largest snow removal trucks
• Discovering other airport equipment and machines that keep the airport running
• Learning more about the people who keep the airport and runways open
• Checking out an operating Airport Rescue Fire-Fighter Truck (ARFF)
• Experimenting with wind tubes
• Viewing a living history performance of prominent people in aviation history
• Creating foam plate gliders
• Exploring the Frontier Flyer plane and other open cockpits
• Sampling food from the concessionaries that serve airport passengers.

During the event, kids and teens will be able to register for Dallas City of Learning and earn a digital badge for activities in which they participate.

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