Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Where will you be?

Countdown to Totality!

Stay tuned for additional information about our big plans for totality!

Eclipse Resources

We are compiling a list of our favorites so you don't have  to!
NASA's 2024 Total Eclipse Overview
A great source for a general information on eclipses as well as reputable options for eclipse viewing glasses!
Pinhole Projector
A safe option for viewing the eclipse without glasses!
DIY Solar Eclipse
Make your own solar eclipse at home - viewable as many times as you like instead of waiting!
Eclipse in a Cup
Why don't eclipses happen more often? This DIY activity is a great way to explain this!
Eclipse Path Coloring
Free to download and adaptable for all ages! Find where you live  and discover how long totality is for you!
Eclipse Chalk Art
Discuss the Sun's corona with chalk art! Great for multiple ages - scale it up or down!