Summer Camps: Grades 7 – 10

Advanced Intergalactic Science
(Jul 15-Jul 19)

  • Future astronomers and rocketeers explore our solar system and the universe with SPOC, our portable planetarium.
  • Students create their own script to be shown in SPOC, learn how astrochemists use chemistry to study stellar objects, view the Sun through a solar telescope and learn about the life cycle of stars, use mathematics to construct a scale model of our solar system, explore the history of planetary exploration, plan a mission to another planet, learn the fundamentals of rocketry, construct and launch an advanced single stage rocket.
  • Students take a field trip to the UTD Center for Space Sciences and learn about the Center’s cutting edge research from real rocket scientists.

Aero Lab
(Jun 17-Jun 21)

  • Future aerospace engineers gain an in-depth understanding of the principles of flight through 3D modeling and experimentation.
  • Students design an airfoil using computer-aided drafting software and construct their design using a 3D printer, test their airfoil design in a wind tunnel to determine lift and drag, design and build a custom rubber-band powered balsa plane, learn aerial navigation using virtual flight simulators, and compete in paper airplane challenges.
  • Students take a field trip to a local aerospace company to learn about careers in aerospace.

(Jun 24-Jun 28)

  • New this Summer! Future scientists, techies, engineers, and mathematicians will all have the chance to explore their potentials by taking an in-depth look at career paths in each STEM category.
  • Students will discover many different occupations, speak with STEM professionals, and participate in multiple exciting and engaging hands-on activities including: learning about lasers and other sources of energy, dissecting and exploring electronic components, building and collaborating plans for a suborbital space station, and analyzing conditions on various planets.
  • Students take a field trip to local STEM companies to see firsthand the wide variety of careers that STEM has to offer.

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