Summer Camps: Grades 5 – 6


Advanced Aviators Workshop
(Jun 24-Jun 28; Jul 22-Jul 26)

  • Prospective aviators gain an in-depth knowledge of aviation through engaging experiments and hands-on activities.
  • Students learn the four forces of flight, experiment with airfoils to determine lift and drag, aircraft flight dynamics, controls and instrumentation, aerial navigation using virtual flight simulators, effects of weather on flight, and construct a rubber-band powered balsa plane.
  • Students take a field trip to local aerospace organizations to learn about the importance of aviation in our community.

Intergalactic Science
(Jun 17-Jun 21; Jul 29-Aug 2)

  • Prospective astronomers and rocketeers explore the solar system and the universe with SPOC, our portable planetarium.
  • Students construct scale models of the Sun, Earth, Moon system and our solar system, create a star map, learn the constellations in our night sky, explore the history of planetary exploration, plan a mission to another planet, view the Sun through a solar telescope, learn the fundamentals of rocketry, and construct and launch a single stage rocket.

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