Summer Camps: Grades 3 – 4


Aviators Workshop
(Jul 8-Jul 12; Jul 29-Aug 2)

  • Young aviators learn the basic principles of flight and the fundamentals of aviation through engaging hands-on activities.
  • Students learn the four forces of flight, how wings generate lift, the International Phonetic Alphabet, aircraft flight controls and instrumentation, aerial navigation using our virtual flight simulators, and construct a rubber-band powered balsa plane.
  • Students take a field trip to local aerospace organizations to learn about the importance of aviation in our community.

Star Hopping
(Jun 10-Jun 14; Jul 22-Jul 26)

  • Young astronomers and rocketeers explore our own solar system and the universe with SPOC, our portable planetarium.
  • Students construct scale models of the Sun, Earth, Moon system and our solar system, create a star map, learn the constellations in our night sky, explore the history of planetary exploration, plan a mission to another planet, view the Sun through a solar telescope, and construct and launch a model rocket.

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