Summer Camps: Grades 1 – 2

Jr. Aviators Workshop

(Jun 10-Jun 14; Jul 15-Jul 19)

  • Jr. aviators experience the wonder of flight from man-made flying machines to the natural world of insects and birds through engaging activities.
  • Students learn the parts of an airplane and their function, the International Phonetic Alphabet, compete in paper airplane challenges, discover the importance of weather and seasonal changes to the migration of birds and butterflies, and more!
  • Students take a field trip to a local nature center to explore flight in the natural world.

Jr. Star Hopping
(Jul 8-Jul 12)

  • Jr. astronomers take a galactic journey through our own solar system and the Milky Way Galaxy with SPOC, our portable planetarium.
  • Students learn the phases of the moon and constellations in our night sky, create a model of the solar system, view the Sun through a solar telescope, build a model rocket, and plan an expedition to Mars.
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