Check out these STEM activities designed for kids to have fun with experiments in science, technology, engineering and math!

Then check out our other
STEM education programs
offered at the Museum
and at your location.

These STEM activities are sponsored
by our Board of Directors.


January 2017

basketballIf the size of the Sun is represented by a basketball, which of these objects best resembles the size of the Earth?

February 2017

FluorChallengeTry the Fluor Engineering Challenge
and build a model water flow system from a limited list of allowable materials (disposable cups, popsicle sticks, aluminum foil, and tape).

March 2017

NISENET Pocket Solar System
Make a scale model of the solar system that you can put in your pocket!

April 2017

NISE_IceOrbs-1Become a Planetary Scientist and investigate frozen orbs to learn about objects hidden inside.

May 2017

Engineered for Flight: Birds and Planes
Learn how wing size and shape affects the way airplanes and birds fly.

June 2017

Lunar Craters
Learn how impact craters
on the Moon are formed.

July 2017

Create your own model
total solar eclipse.
Then come see the solar eclipse
at the Museum on Aug 21.

August 2017

Make Sun S’mores in a solar oven that uses the Sun’s energy to make the air inside the box hotter than outside the box.
Then come see the solar eclipse
at the Museum on Aug 21.

September 2017

Learn about the force of THRUST on an aircraft by making a Jammin’ Jet out of two straws. 

October 2017

Explore the FORCES of Gravity by making a Gravity WellGoToActivity_icon2

November 2017

Learn how to make a bottle biology Terrarium as you study about the Red Planet MARS! 

December 2017

Cold Air – Warm Air
Discover why warm air rises and cool air sinks

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