The S.P.O.C. (Space Portal Odyssey Capsule) Planetarium is an interactive and engaging planetary experience for students of all ages

At 12 feet tall and 25 feet wide, there is room enough for up to 40 students at a time

Did we mention that SPOC is portable? This allows us to take it almost anywhere, including your gym or cafeteria.

BONUS! For Educators
Book a planetarium program and receive Pre and Post Program Guides including:
• Background for teachers
• Content reinforcement activities
• Pre and post program student assessments


To inquire about funds to help offset the cost of your SPOC field trip or program,  email our education department after filling out a field trip or outreach program request.

MWM-TX Award


To request dates fill out a form below; for questions e-mail education@flightmuseum.com

Check out the full list of all our education programs.

$10 per student/youth when booking a field trip
(includes admission cost)
Field Trip Request Form

$500 for ½ day
(2-3 programs serving up to 120 students)
$800 for a full day
(4-6 programs serving up to 240 students)
Outreach Request Form


My Moon, My Sky (PK-2nd grades)
30 minutes
Students learn about the stars (including our Sun), Earth, and Moon by comparing size, color, and position. Then, completing a lunar month, students identify the Moon’s phases and composition to better understand its relationship with the Earth. 

Sun, Earth, Moon System (2nd-5th grades)
45 minutes
Daily and seasonal patterns and changes in our sky are explained as students observe the Sun, Earth, and Moon system from different perspectives. Comparing the characteristics of each body helps students better understand the states of matter, effects of having an atmosphere, and the pull of gravity!

Trip Through The Solar System (3rd-12th grades)
45 minutes
Students are guided on an adventure through our solar system visiting each planet to compare their physical and chemical properties, location, seasons, weather, and natural satellites. Visiting the non-planetary objects in our solar system teaches students that Pluto’s story is not uncommon. 

Journey Through Space (All grades)
45 minutes
In this fully customizable program, teachers tell us what to show! This program can be adapted to fit the teaching objectives of chemistry, physics, mythology, history, and astronomy. Email correspondence will take place as soon as the program is booked so that our SPOC Educators are fully prepared to present your choice of material. The Universe is the limit! 

STEM Nights (All grades)
SPOC teams up with eight interactive stations to explore matter in space and the effects of gravity! This program is perfect for family science nights.

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