Pilot Error, the up to the minute feature film, is inspired by the true story of the
disappearance of an Air France jet on a flight from Rio to Paris.

May 14 » at the Museum
VIP Reception » 5:30PM | Screening » 7:00PM
Followed by conversation with
Producer Roger Rapoport and Aviation Safety Expert John Darbo

Reserve your seat now! Limited seats available.

Cost: $20 includes screening and conversation
$40 includes VIP reception, screening and conversation, DVD, and poster

A timely audience conversation following the 7 p.m. screening will offer a look at the pressing need for more hands on stick and rudder pilot training in the automation age.

Producer/screenwriter Roger Rapoport will present current information on new high altitude stall avoidance and recovery training now being mandated by the FAA, the European Air Safety Agency and other regulatory agencies around the world.  These changes respond to the unanticipated loss of French, Asian and African passengers jets that stalled at cruise altitude over the past seven years.

Rapoport and Texas based aviation safety expert John Darbo will also explore many of the questions being asked following the loss of another jet, Malaysia Air 370, in March 2014 and the December 2014 Air Asia crash in the Java Sea.

Darbo, past vice president of the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, has served as an FAA safety counselor and pilot examiner.  He has over 11,000 flight hours.

Pilot Error is screening at more than 200 cinemas across the country. The drama is also being shown in training departments at international airlines, and at government accident investigation agencies and aviation authorities in the Germany, Sweden, the Bahamas, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore.

Pilots nationwide have applauded the drama’s nuanced and fair minded look at their profession.  It has been hailed by the Milwaukee Journal as a “first class ticket.”

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