Begins Saturday, July 18, 2020
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Each year on Moon Day we celebrate our first landing on the Moon. This year, join us for a virtual STEM-focused event of programs and activities that also acknowledges the 50th anniversary of the successful return of Apollo 13. Moon Day honors the past, present, and future of space flight.

Moon Day is presented in collaboration with the
National Space Society of North Texas

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Space Flight Experiences and the Importance of STEM

Our featured virtual guest speaker is Dr. Bernard Harris, a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions and the first African-American to engage in an extravehicular activity (better known as a spacewalk). A physician, scientist, and businessman, Dr. Harris traveled 7.2 million miles in space, logging more than 438 hours. Access his Moon Day 2020 presentation HERE or by clicking on the image below:

Learn more about Dr. Harris and see his walk in space in this video, courtesy of NASA:


These sessions will be available after 10:00 am on Saturday, July 18, 2020

On May 30, 2020, Space X launched Crew Dragon that carried astronauts to the ISS. This exciting advance is included in this presentation about privately-funded space travel. Bruce Bleakley, retired Air Force pilot, aviation author and our former Museum Director, will explore private space travel from the early contributions of our Moon Day sponsor, Beal Aerospace to the current (Crew Dragon) mission. Access presentation HERE.


This overview of the international Mars exploration effort includes dozens of robotic explorers from various countries. The discussion includes specific robotic missions in order of completion as well as ongoing projects. Learn about past and present missions from Ken Ruffin, President of the National Space Society of North Texas. Access presentation HERE.


Let’s hop in our Lunar Rover and take a tour of the surface of the Moon! We’ll visit prominent features on the Moon and journey to important landing sites. What are some of the main features on the Moon visible from Earth? What is the largest impact basin on the Moon? What is the Moon made of? Presented by Dr. Billye Cheek, Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas. Access presentation HERE.


Ever wondered what scientists learned from Moon rock artifacts brought back to Earth by the Apollo missions? Did you know Moon rocks are encased in Lucite? What are the six types of rocks shown in the Moon rock disks? How are Moon rocks different from Earth rocks? Presented by Prof. Chaz Hafey, Brookhaven College, Dallas County Community College. Access presentation HERE


Meet SHERLOC, the detective aboard the Mars Rover Perseverance. Explore details about the Mars 2020 Rover and its instruments. Perseverance will be accompanied by Ingenuity, a helicopter drone to survey the Martian landscape. Presented by Dr. Cynthia Whisennand and Dr. Dietrich Whisennand, Solar System Ambassadors for NASA. Access presentation HERE


Check out this cool thrust-powered balloon car with STEM Scouts! This fun science experiment will demonstrate how propulsion creates thrust to move vehicles forward. Learn how to build and test one yourself from home with just a few simple supplies. Presented by Kelly Puckett, Senior Exploring Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, Circle 10 Council. Access presentation HERE


Follow the “postmarked” history of America’s exploration in space. This presentation tells the Story of Apollo 13 through First Day Covers as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the mission’s rescue. Presented by Ray Cartier, President of the American Topical Association Space Unit and author of U.S. Space Collecting Handbook. Access presentation HERE


Ever heard of using the “scientific method” to solve a problem? In this presentation, you will use the “engineering method” to discover the science behind rockets. Follow this same method to design your own bottle rocket using household materials! Presented by the Dallas Society of Women Engineers and the Alabama Rocketry Association. Access presentation HERE


Join Dan Steelman, Frontiers of Flight Museum VP of Collections and Exhibits, and take a behind-the-scenes-tour of the Museum’s Space Flight Gallery. Listen to the pinging sounds of Sputnik 1; see Don Eisele’s spacesuit and learn about the Apollo 7 Command Module. Discover North Texas’ only Moon rock. Find out about our Hubble bistem, and experience private efforts to reach space with Beal Aerospace and SpaceShipOne. Access presentation HERE



Check out these fun DIY activities as you celebrate these important milestones: the 51st anniversary of the July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 landing on the Moon and the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13’s safe return to Earth. Includes an interactive solar system orrery, compliments of NASA!

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