The Leadership Council of the Frontiers of Flight Museum is a group of prominent and active business and community leaders who provide key insight and methodology that supports and sustains the mission and programs of one of the leading air and space museums in the nation.

Leadership Council

To support the mission and programs of the Frontiers of Flight Museum (FOFM)

Leadership Council members are leaders of the community that agree to lend their support, experience, and expertise to the Museum. Members may be former board members, supporters, or community leaders.

• Serve as an advocate for FOFM in the community
• Offer advice, counsel, and support for FOFM programs
• Support FOFM fundraising programs
• Attend no more than two meetings per year


Steven Kenneke, Chairman
Troy Ailshie
Al Allred
Henry Amos
TX Rep. Rafael Anchia
Colleen Barrett
Andrew Beal
Christina Carey
James Cavanaugh
Sam Coats
Kenneth Cooper
Ken Cordier
Rex Corey
Mary Anne Cree
James Crites
Walter Cunningham
Gary Daniels
Mark Davis
Averille Dawson
Joe Dealey, Jr.
Ed Dolanski
Sean Donohue
Mark Duebner
Doug Dunbar
Amy Ecker
Mel Ehlers
Lana Furra
Joe Gibney
Richard Graham
Kenneth Gwyn
Ryan Hallauer
Robby Harless
Robert Hastings
Mark Hicks
Kay Bailey Hutchison
U.S. Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson
Gary Kelly
John Langevin
Norma Lantz
Michael Lawson
Tom Leppert
Veletta Forsythe Lill
David Lind
Hugh McElroy
Frank McIllwain
John Meadows
Jay Miller
Darci Neuzil
Mark Palmer
Greg Pavlovich
H. Ross Perot, Jr.
Jeanne Phillips
Lev Prichard, IV
Brian Proctor
Frank E. Rasco
Larry Sall, Ph.D.
Tex Schmidt
David Seals
Pete Sessions
Lewis Shaw
Denis Simon
Andy Smith
Lester Smith
Gavin Stener
Angela Thompson
Romona Upfield
Meredith Walker
Patrick Walsh
Mary Ellen Weber

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