Named to honor the memory of the Museum’s Co-founder, Jan Collmer

Donate NowIn September 2014, the Museum launched a comprehensive new Education Fund named for and honoring the memory of the Museum’s Co-founder, Jan Collmer. The Jan Collmer Education Fund will be used to carry on Jan Collmer’s legacy to educate, motivate and inspire the next generation.

The Jan Collmer Education Fund

  • Supports the Museum’s extensive education programs
  • Provides scholarships and supporting program expenses for Flight School Summer Camps, education tours and outreach programs, and special education projects and initiatives
  • Enables underserved children an opportunity to benefit from these STEM enrichment programs


  • $13,600
    for 68 scholarships for our Aviation and Space Flight Summer Camps
  • $18,500
    for education experiential learning activities and equipment
  • $6,222
    for bus fees to transport 960 students from schools to museum for educational programs
  • $55,820
    for improvements in exhibits lighting and signage, and computer and IT system upgrades
  • $25,138
    to plan and implement our Distance Learning programs, reaching more than 1,600 students in the first year
  • $142,050
    to implement our second year of the Young Women’s STEM Leadership Initiative, providing more than 600 middle and high school under-served girls with multiple STEM learning experiences including spring break and summer camps

The Jan Collmer Education Fund is dependent on annual contributions to ensure the resources will be there to fulfill the goal of reaching more than 10,000 children each year.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum strives to educate, motivate, and inspire generations by using the scientific and engineering accomplishments of more than 100 years of aviation and space flight history. Our exhibits and educational programs serve as a rich interactive audio/visual learning laboratory for students of all ages, illustrating the applications of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) principles and furthering learning and interest in those areas. As a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, the Museum’s exhibits and educational programs strive for the highest professional standards.

Jan Collmer, 1934-2015

JanCollmer_cropIn 1988, the Frontiers of Flight Museum was formed under the leadership of Jan Collmer, U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison and William E. “Bill” Cooper. Jan Collmer’s first
entrepreneurial effort was inside another company developing a product they needed. His division eventually became the largest division and he became president of Varo Inc. He started his own company, Collmer Semiconductor, in 1979 and retired in 2005. Starting in 1954, he spent four years active and twelve years in the reserves as a Navy fighter pilot. He was an airshow aerobatic performer known nationwide. He was very active in civic and educational efforts in Dallas Texas including the co-founding and missions of the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field in Dallas.

Thank you to the following for your generous support of the Jan Collmer Education Fund

Lyn Abercrombie
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Adair
Alliance Air Productions
Joseph R. Alpert
Charles Ashcraft
Colleen C. Barrett
Joesph and Linda Benero
Knox and Becky Bishop
Edward O. Boshell, Jr.
Carolyn Krebs Bradley
Rob and Diane Brosius
Dick & Doris Brown
Rayford and Kathleen Brown
Earl Bullock
Bill Burke
Scott Buzzell
Bill Campbell
David Carruth
James Cavanaugh
Tim and Kate Clark
Bill Cole
Robert Collmer
Jan and Suzanne Collmer
Mrs. Godfrey M. Collins
William and Deborah Colton
W.M. and Margaret Conlin
Ellen and Len Contarino
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Cree, Sr.
James M. Crites
T.W. Crull
Roy Curran
Rosemary Curran
Dallas Airmotive, Inc.
Steve Dean
Heather Dickie
Robert Dilworth
Alan C. Dimiero
Jeffrey Dodson
Pat and Wynette Donovan
Anne-Marie and Michael Evans
John & Nita Ford
Veletta Forsythe-Lill and John Lill
Lana Furra
C.V. Glines
William and Marjorie Gossell
Donnell and Virginia Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Gunn
Jess Hall
Dan Hamilton
Happy Warriors
John M. Hayes
Tim Heraty
Al G. Hill, Jr.
Hillwood Alliance Group, L.P.
Robert (Bob) Hudspeth
Charles L. Hutchins
Robert Johnston
Congressman and Mrs. Sam Johnson
Steve Joiner
Herb D. Kelleher
Keith Kelly
Jim Keyes
Richard Knagg
Jack Knox
F.R. and Jeanie Koenig
Jim Lafferty
Olin and Sally Lancaster
Dr. David Larson, MD
Marc G. Lippas. D.D.S.
George and Barbara Lodge
Lynne and Norm Lofgren
Bobby and John Luckaddo
Jean F. Lyon
Michael Mallardi
Jim Malone
George Marks
Hiroshi Matsumoto
Donald P. Maynard
Ed McCormick
Catherine McEachern
The McEachern Family
Hugh and Judy McElroy
Friend of Stewart Mercer
LeeAnn and Chuck Mix
Carl & Darci Neuzil
Robert Norris
Paul Oelkrug
Read Admiral James D. Olson, USN (Retired)
J S Osborne
Allen and Nancy Pierce
Robert and Merlene Pierce
David and Ann Podeszwa – In  Memory of Alex Podeszwa
Caren H. Prothro
James Quinn
Mike Quinn
Kevin Raulie and Tammy Dailey
Mike and Mayo Redpath
Neil amd Eileen Resnik
Tom Rhodes Jr.
Rockwell Collins Richardson New Employee Hire Network
Deedie and Rusty Rose
Larry Sall
The H. George and Gayle Harben Schuler Foundation
Brigadier General George L. Schulstad, USAF Ret.
David Seals
Brigadier General Lester Simpson
Alexa Spears
Marianne and Roger Staubach
Joseph E. Stephenson
Eric Stroud
Richard Sugden
Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones
Johnson M. Taylor
Jim and Maureen Taylor
Neil Teitelman
Beth Curran Tipple
Gwendolyn Turcotte
Mary Ann Vacilek
Billy and Olean Vaughn
C.J. Viosca
Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation
Kevin Walsh
Niki Watson
David Webb
Walter and Jane Wills
Wayne Wilpitz
Catherine Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M. Wolfish

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