FOFM Madness Bracket 2020

Attention all aerospace enthusiasts! 32 of our artifacts are going head-to-head in a “March Madness” styled competition. Every Wednesday and Friday are opportunities on both our Facebook page and Instagram stories to vote between two different air/space craft! Each poll only lasts 24 hours so be sure to keep track of the schedule so your favorite artifact wins! The scheduled days are listed on our brackets so mark your calendars.

You can vote in two places:

Frontiers of Flight Museum Facebook Page:

  • Search for Frontiers of Flight Museum to bring up our page
  • Look through our posts to find the poll
  • Click on the image/name of your chosen air/space craft and it will cast your vote!

Instagram Stories:
*Note you can only vote through an app on a smart device such as an iPhone

  • Open your application and you will see “Stories” at the top
  • Scroll through to find Frontiers of Flight Museum and click on the image
  • To cast your vote, you need to click on the name of the artifact you would like to vote for – this is timed so you will need to do so quickly!

Click here to see who is winning FOFM Madness

Click here for a blank bracket


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