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Hang Glider

Pacific Airwave Hang Glider

The Pacific Airwave Hang Glider is an unpowered recreational aircraft in which the pilot suspends from the airframe and controls it by shifting his body weight. Hang gliders must have air movement in order to remain airborne. In the late 1980s, Pacific Windcraft of Salinas, California merged with Airwave Gliders of the UK to form Pacific Airwave. It became the second largest hang glider manufacturer in the United States before ceasing operations in 1996.
Leonardo da Vinci Parachute model

Leonardo da Vinci Parachute (model)

The idea and first sketch of a parachute dates to the 15th century, to the innovative thinker, artist, scientist, and engineer, Leonardo da Vinci. Da Vinci’s design shows a free-hanging man grasping the bunched end of four long, wooden poles spread out at the top to hold open a linen cloth in a pyramid shape.