Unitron GFC-37M Ground Power Unit (GPU)

The Unitron GFC-37M Ground Power Unit (GPU) supplies power to a parked or hangared aircraft. A reliable GPU unit is a crucial piece of equipment for any hangar. In a small footprint, a GPU delivers specified power through the use of a standard electrical system, battery, fuel, and a small engine. This Unitron GPU includes lightweight 400 Hz and 28 VDC mobile converters for aircraft ground power applications and the lightest weight-to-power rating ratio on the market. 

Did you know?

One person can easily maneuver a light-weight GPU such as this one in the hangar. 

About this GPU 

The Unitron GFC-37M Ground Power Unit (GPU) “keeps the lights on” our Southwest Airlines 737-300 “The Spirit of Kitty Hawk”, courtesy of Unitron Power Systems.
Make: Unitron GPU
Model: GFC-37M
Category: Ground Support Equipment / Frequency Converter
Weight: 750 lbs
Input: 480 Volts, 60 Hz, Max Amps 40, 3 phase
Output: 120/208 Volts, 400 Hz, Max Amps 103, 3 phase