Bell UH-1D "Iroquois" (Huey)

The popular Bell UH-1D “Iroquois” (Huey) is a military utility helicopter known for its distinguished service during the Vietnam War. Serving in virtually every area of the war in Southeast Asia, the workhorse Huey transported troops, resupplied soldiers in combat, offered gunship support, evacuated wounded from the battlefield, and more. One pilot said, “the machine left the ground like it was falling up.” The versatile Huey revolutionized US Army combat as it could land in a small area, deploy or recover troops, and exit quickly. Without the Huey, vertical envelopment by Airmobile and Air Cavalry Divisions would not have been possible. The Huey’s game-changing medevac missions in Vietnam meant a wounded soldier in the field could expect to be evacuated within an hour of sustaining their injuries. This speed of evacuation saved the lives of many injured in combat. As an aerial ambulance, it could carry four litters and medical technicians.

Did you know?

Huey pilot Richard Jellerson compared the rugged Huey to a truck. “It was easy to fix and could take any amount of punishment. Some of them came back with so many holes, you just wouldn’t believe they’d ever fly again.” 

The Huey nickname came from the original designation of HU-1A, hence the “Hue--ee” name.

About our Aircraft

Our Vietnam veteran Bell UH-1D “Iroquois” (Huey) welcomes visitors from high on a pole at the entrance to the Museum. It serves as a stark reminder of the Huey’s importance to American troops during the war in Southeast Asia.
Video Credit: "Deconstructing History: Huey Helicopters in Vietnam," Uploaded to YouTube by the History Channel, 2014
Bell UH-1D "Iroquois" (Huey)