Texas Temple "Sportsman"

Developed and flown in 1927, the Texas Temple “Sportsman” is a light single-seat, high-wing monoplane. It proudly achieved many “firsts” when built. It is the product of the first man to design and build an airplane in Texas, George W. Williams, Jr., the first aircraft manufactured at Dallas Love Field, by the first commercial company licensed to sell airplanes in Texas. Experimenting with aircraft design since 1908, Williams formed the Texas Aero Manufacturing Company in 1911 in Temple, Texas.

Did you know?

As publisher of the Temple Telegraph newspaper, Williams’ brother E.K. Williams, promoted their Texas Aero venture by delivering newspapers by airplane.

Williams died in an air crash in 1930 while training a student pilot, and his corporation closed its doors as a result. 

About our Aircraft

There were three Texas Temple “Sportsman” monoplanes produced, and the Museum’s aircraft is the last of the three, N987N. It is the only remaining example in the world. Jerry D. Ferrel, avid pilot and veteran of WWII and Korea, discovered parts of the aircraft at Russell Field in Fort Worth. Over a nine-year period, he meticulously restored it piece by piece. Ferrel graciously flew his masterpiece to Dallas Love Field and donated it to the Museum in 1992 to preserve the history of the Temple, Texas monoplane.
Texas Temple - Tail View
Texas Temple
Texas Temple Advertisement
Temple Monoplane Advertisement in the May 1928 Issue of The Aviator Publishing Company, Temple, Texas. Volume 1, Number 1