SR-71 Gallery

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This gallery houses the one-of-a-kind Link SR-71 flight simulator and includes multiple artifacts dedicated to the history of the world's fastest reconnaissance and research aircraft.

Did you know?

The gallery includes a rare pristine example of a Technical Objective Camera (TEOC) — one of the several imaging systems carried by the SR-71 aircraft. The camera could take high-resolution photographs of objects as small as six inches across from altitudes in excess of 80,000 feet. Hycon Corporation built 36 cameras, designed to perfectly fit the SR-71. Few remain, as most cameras were destroyed to keep their technology secrets from being copied.

About this gallery

The Museum’s sincere appreciation goes to Col. Rich Graham, USAF (Ret.), SR-71 pilot, Wing Commander, and author, for his generous and invaluable assistance in the development of the SR-71 Gallery.