Pratt & Whitney R-985 "Wasp Junior"

The Pratt & Whitney R-985 “Wasp Junior” is a 9-cylinder, air-cooled radial aircraft engine widely used in the U.S. and abroad in the 1930s. Introduced to complement the Pratt & Whitney “Wasp” and “Hornet” families of engines, the U.S. Army Air Corps first used the smaller 300 hp “Wasp Junior” in 1932. Improving throughout WWII, the engine eventually produced 450 hp. The R-985 met the needs of a wide variety of military and commercial aircraft, including trainers, transports, aircraft, and helicopters.

Did you know?

The small but mighty R-985 450 hp “Wasp Junior” powered the massive Sikorsky H-5 helicopter.

About this engine 

Beautifully restored and donated by Howard Barnes of Irving, Texas, the our R-985 "Wasp Junior" is currently on display in the Museum's World War II Gallery.
Model: R-985-AN-14B
Type: 9-cylinder air cooled radial
Displacement: 985 cu in
Maximum RPM: 2,300
Maximum horsepower: 450
R-985 "Wasp Junior"
Image Credit: Excerpt from Wasp Promotional Brochure, by Pratt & Whitney