Lighter Than Air Gallery

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The Lighter Than Air Gallery focuses on the development of balloons and airships (both rigid and non-rigid), from the Montgolfier Brothers first balloon ascension in 1783 to current day technology.

Did you know?

This gallery features the radio operator's chair from the doomed dirigible "Hindenburg." Zeppelin designers insulated the radio room to keep sparks from radio equipment from setting the remainder of the highly-flammable airship on fire. In such a situation the radio room would burn but the ship would be spared. In fact, the opposite occurred: the bulk of the ship burned, but the contents of the radio room survived.

About this gallery

The Frontiers of Flight Museum includes the objects from the Vice Admiral Charles E. Rosendahl Lighter-than-Air Collection. Admiral Rosendahl was the leading figure in America’s rigid airship program. He was also one of the most experienced airship aviators in the United States.