Laser 200

The Laser 200 is a homebuilt aerobatic monoplane. Stephens Akro first designed the Laser aircraft, and pilot Leo Loudenslager highly modified the Laser 200 and Laser Z for aerobatic maneuvers. In a Laser 200, Loudenslager won the US Aerobatic Championship seven times, dethroning the Pitts Special.

Did you know?

The Laser 200 won the WORLD Aerobatic Championship in 1980 and received the Remarkable Design Achievement. 

About our Aircraft

Jim Roberts, former American Airlines pilot, built and flew the Museum’s Laser 200 N20JJ as part of the US Aerobatic Team in 1981-82. He also coached famed Leo Loudenslager in aerobatics. Roberts’ widow, Linda Roberts, graciously donated the aircraft to the Museum’s collection.
Laser 200 - Outside
Laser 200 - Side
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Video Credit: "Laser 200 Walkaround," Erik Johnston, Uploaded to YouTube, 2015