The Bücker Bü-133 “Jungmeister” (Replica)

The Bücker Bü-133 “Jungmeister” biplane is a single-seat advanced trainer built in Germany before WWII and in Spain during the war. Easy to handle and with precise controls, it became a favorite to fly. Not only did this aircraft serve as the primary trainer for the German Luftwaffe, it dominated the aerobatic scene across Europe and the United States in the 1930s and 40s.

Did you know?

Jungmeister translates into English as “Young Master.”

Aerobatic champion Alex Papana brought his Jungmeister to the United States aboard the German Airship Hindenburg in 1936.

About our Aircraft

Former Museum volunteer and former Braniff Airlines Captain, Ken Larson, meticulously built this beautiful Bücker Bü-133 “Jungmeister” replica over a two-year period from 1970-1972. He flew it in aerobatic competitions in the Intermediate Category from 1973-1999, winning at least 41 first place championships. Following Larson’s aerobatic career, he and his wife Sammy generously donated the Jungmeister to the Museum.