Hot Air Balloon Basket and Burner

A hot air balloon gondola is the passenger compartment basket. In addition to passengers and the balloon pilot, it also carries the propane gas cylinders. Relatively unchanged since the 1700s, most hot air balloons use a wicker basket as the gondola. Because wicker is sturdy yet flexible, it helps cushion the landing by flexing and absorbing some of the energy in impact. Usually, the floor is plywood and the edges are bound in leather. The single-unit propane burner is powered by two fuel tanks. Vaporized propane produces a flame and a vaporizing coil passes the propane to produce needed heat to rise.

Did you know?

The gondola cannot be made of metal or other type of rigid material because passengers would experience the brunt impact of landing.

Lift comes from the heated air produced by the burner attached above the basket.

About this basket and burner 

The hot air balloon basket and hydrocarbon gas burner on display is a single open basket. The burner is attached directly above the basket. Included in the basket is a built-in dashboard. This allows pilots to easily read pressure and fuel gauges. The basket also includes a place for the necessary propane fuel tanks.

Donated by balloon pilot Bud Hudspeth of Plano, Texas.
Video posted by National Geographic: Colorful Time-Lapse of Hot Air Balloons in New Mexico | Short Film Showcase by Joel Schat
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