Thorp T-18 "Frontier Flyer"

The Thorp T-18 “Frontier Flyer” is an experimental homebuilt aircraft modified as an educational tool teaching the four forces of flight and more at airshows throughout North Texas. The Thorp T-18 homebuilt is a high performance, cross-country aircraft originally designed by John Thorp in 1963. It is historically significant as one of the first all-metal homebuilt airplanes and the first to use the stabilator, or “flying tail,” instead of the traditional elevator hinged to a horizontal stabilizer.

Did you know?

Legendary pilot Don Taylor became the first person to fly a homebuilt aircraft around the world in his Thorp T-18 “Victoria 76,” in 1976. Taylor flew Victoria ‘76 to both the true North Pole and the Magnetic North Pole in 1984. 

About our Aircraft

Dr. Worthy Warnack of Dallas, Texas generously donated this Thorp T-18 N2WW to the Museum. Following an exterior uplift by Gulfstream and extensive structural modifications by Museum volunteers Joe Swift and Ken Branscome, the aircraft evolved into the Museum’s Thorp T-18 “Frontier Flyer” traveling hands-on educational exhibit. Car Wrap City wrapped the plane in an instructional schematic, and she now travels on a trailer, not in the air, to air shows and school events throughout North Texas.
Frontier Flyer - Blue Angel Salute
A young fan salutes the US Navy Blue Angels at Alliance Airshow, 2017 
Frontier Flyer - Educational Wrap
Frontier Flyer - Original
See the original paint scheme of this Thorp T-18 and its transformation into the Museum's Frontier Flyerby. Video Credit: "Thorp T-18,"
Frontier Flyer - Side