Fiat A.74 Engine

The Italian Fiat A.74 radial engine is a two-row, 14-cylinder, air-cooled radial engine first produced in 1936 and used extensively in WWII. Up to this point, Fiat had produced smaller liquid-cooled inline engines. Needing more power, the engine evolved into an 18-cylinder powerhouse with 1,400 hp by the end of WWII.

Did you know?

Drawing from their success on the race track, Fiat manufactured its first aircraft engine in 1908.

During its service life, the A.74 powered the Fiat CR.42, Fiat G.50, and Macchi MCC.200 fighters as well as the graceful Fiat RS.14 reconnaissance/bomber floatplane.

About this engine 

On display in the Museum’s World War II Gallery, the Italian Fiat A.74 radial engine is on loan from the History of Aviation Collection, the University of Texas at Dallas.
Performance: 840 hp at 2,400 rpm
Compression Ratio: 6.70:1
Fuel: 87 Octane
Fuel System: One Stromberg Carburetor
Power/Weight Ratio: 1.48 lb/hp
Bore: 5,512 inches
Stroke: 5,709 inches
Displacement: 1906.96 cubic inches
Dry Weight: 1,246 lbs
Fiat CR.42 powered by the A.74 over the Aegean Islands in 1940 (L)
Macchi MC.200 powered by the A.74 at the Russian Front in 1941 (R)
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons