Bell TH-1L "Iroquois" (Huey)

The Bell TH-1L “Iroquois” (Huey) served as a trainer and search/rescue helicopter for the US Navy. Produced in many different versions, the Bell “Huey” is most popular among modern rotary-winged aircraft. The line of Bell Huey helicopters, produced in Fort Worth, Texas, evolved from the Bell Model 204, the first turbine-powered aircraft ordered for the US Army. First flown by Floyd Carlson at Fort Worth on October 22, 1956, the Huey became universally famous in all branches of the U.S. military service as well as with many other nations throughout the world. The L model Huey followed the B, D, and H models. 

Did you know?

The iconic Huey helicopter’s twin-blade rotor makes an unmistakable rhythmic thumping “whomp” “whomp” sound.

The Huey nickname came from the original designation of HU-1A, hence the “Hue--ee” name. 

About our Aircraft

As an advanced trainer for the US Navy, this TH-1L “Huey” Serial #157838 originally sported an original orange and white paint scheme. One of 45 produced, the TH-1Ls served in training and search-and-rescue (SAR) missions. Privately owned following retirement, the helicopter is refurbished in an Army green livery and flew for seven years before Jim and Alinda Wikert of Dallas generously donated it to the Museum’s collection.
TH-1L Huey