Bell TH-13 "Sioux"

The Bell TH-13 “Sioux” is a military training helicopter based on the widely popular single-rotor, single-engine Bell 47. Depending on the branch of service, the Bell 47 had many designations for essentially the same machine: US Army Air Forces: YR-13, US Army: H-13 “Sioux”, US Navy: HTL-1, Coast Guard: HUL-1G.

Did you know?

In 1952 during the Korean War, the US Army modified Bell H-13Bs by attaching stretchers to the tops of the skids, making them the first air ambulances for medical evacuation. In this medevac role, the Bell H-13 flew into battle and extracted wounded soldiers, drastically improving their chance for survival. The popular TV show M*A*S*H depicted the Bell H-13 “Sioux” in this important medevac role.

The Bell 47 is a helicopter of firsts: World’s first helicopter certified for civilian use (1947), first to be used by all branches of US Armed Forces, first to carry a US President, first to cross the Swiss Alps, first to be used as NASA’s lunar module training aid, first to be Batman’s “Batcopter,” and first to be a crop duster. 
Bell TH-13 Batcopter
Image Credit: Bell 47 as the "Batcopter" at Sun-n-Fun Air Show, 2014, Aces Flying High, Used with Permission

About our Aircraft

Originally painted in the bright orange and white livery of a trainer and 16” longer than the standard H model, the Museum’s Bell TH-13 “Sioux” served as an instrument trainer in the US Army. It underwent a complete restoration as a school project and is now on loan from the Aviation Career Education School of Dallas’ Skyline High School.
Bell TH-13
8225th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
Image Credit: "8225th MASH Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during Korean War," by US Signal Corps Photographs, 1951,