Beal Aerospace BA-2C (model)

Beal Aerospace of Frisco, Texas,  was founded by Andrew Beal, President of Beal Bank, Dallas, entirely with private funds in 1997 to design, manufacture, and operate low-cost satellite launch vehicles. The company became a pioneer in the privatization of space flight.

The company developed and successfully test-fired the second most powerful liquid-fuel rocket engine ever produced in the United States. At 810,000 pounds of static thrust, the Beal BA-810 engine’s power was exceeded only by the F-1 rocket engine developed in the 1960s for the Saturn V rocket used to carry astronauts to the Moon.

Did you know?

The wall art behind the BA-2C model depicts the March 4, 2000 testing of the BA-810 Stage 2 engine. The engine made a 21-second firing at the company's engine test facility in McGregor, Texas.

About our Spacecraft

The BA-2C model is 23 feet tall (1/10th scale).  At 236 feet, the actual rocket would have stood taller on the launch pad than the Space Shuttle assembly with its large external tank. The model stands beside a massive BA-810 rocket engine thrust chamber.