Boeing 737-300 Southwest Airlines "Spirit of Kitty Hawk"

The Boeing 737-300 is a twin-engine narrow-body commercial airliner, the initial model of the 737 Classic Series and the second generation of the 737-100 and 200 models. In the early 1980s, Southwest Airlines and US Air both approached the Boeing Company about a larger 737 model to meet their longer-haul flight expansions. The new 737-300 meet their needs for increased range and passenger/cargo capacities. With quieter more powerful engines, the 737-300 produced fewer pollutants than earlier engines.

Did you know?

Typically, about 50 gallons of paint are used to paint an average 737, which when dry will weigh about 250 lbs.

The Boeing 737 family is the best-selling commercial jetliner in history. 

About our Aircraft

The very first of 1,113 Boeing 737-300 aircraft built and the very first in service with Southwest Airlines, N300SW first flew on 15 August 1984. On 18 April 2011, “The Spirit of Kitty Hawk” made her final flight after logging 83,132 hours of flight over 77,301 cycles. Generously donated by Southwest Airlines, this beautifully restored Boeing 737-300 is a premier historical exhibit, both inside and out. N300SW is now the cornerstone of the Museum and its Southwest Airlines Gallery.
737-300 Outside Museum
737-300 Nose
Image Credit: Boeing 737-300 N300SW by Ronald Barker, 2014