YSI Spring Break Camp

March 8-12, 2021

For 6th-8th grade students attending YWLA at Bill Arnold

Celebrating Perseverance's fast approach to Mars, students will learn all about our Red Planet in this week-long, virtual camp. Camp takes place Monday thru Friday with multiple activities a day including secure video chats with the educator and fellow campers, outdoor activities, crafts, and games. Supply kits for camp will be provided one week prior to the start of camp and will be available for pick-up at YWLA.

This camp is at no cost to students at YWLA thanks to our generous donors (see below). Students will need internet access and the ability to log-in to Zoom meetings three times throughout the day (see schedule below).
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Camp Details

Students will explore a different aspect of the Red Planet everyday. We have scheduled three secure video chats per day: 9am-9:45am, 12pm-1pm, and 2pm-3pm. Students will do themed activities and get to hear from STEM industry professional each day!


Mars and our Solar System
Mars has been a hot topic for a long time - students will learn why and about the Red Planet's role in our Solar System!


Digging the Dirt on Mars
Did you know there is a specific job that studies Mars? Students will learn all about this cool career and more interesting facts about the planet!


Mission to Mars
Who wouldn't love to be called a rocket scientist? Today is all about rockets and what makes them go boom!


Robots on the Red Planet
Earthlings have been sending robots to Mars since the 1960's. Students will take a closer look at the technology behind these machines!


Colonizing Mars
Inevitably, humans will someday get to live on the Red Planet. What is it going to take? Students will explore the possibilities of the future!

Special thanks to our generous donors


Prichard Family Foundation