SPOC Planetarium

Bringing space to Earth!

The SPOC (Space Portal Odyssey Capsule) Portable Planetarium is an interactive and engaging planetary experience for students of all ages

Students of all ages can explore the universe in the Museum's portable planetarium. Whether its at your campus or the Museum, virtual or live, students can engage with topics ranging from the Moon to the Milky Way. Need a program catered towards your grade's standards? We can adjust all programs to cater towards your student's needs! All planetarium programs apply S.T.E.M. principles and are TEKS, ELPS, and NGSS aligned. See back for details. Financial aid may be available for qualifying groups. Please visit our website or contact us for more details!
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Current Programs

Below is a list of our current programs offered for the '22-'23 school year. For a list of all program standards, click here.
My Moon, My Sky (PK-2nd)
Stargazers learn about the different types of stars (including our Sun), Earth, and Moon by comparing size, color, and position. Zooming in on the Moon, we complete a lunar month identifying the Moon’s phases and surface composition.
Sun, Earth, Moon System (3rd-6th)
Daily and seasonal patterns and changes in our sky are explained as students observe the Sun, Earth, and Moon system from different perspectives. Comparing the characteristics of each body helps students better understand the states of matter, effects of having an atmosphere, and the pull of gravity!
NEW! - Our Place in Space (3rd-8th)
Students are guided on an adventure through our solar system visiting each planet to compare their physical properties, location, movements, and natural satellites. Learning our solar system's characteristics helps students understand how humans explored beyond Earth.
NEW! - Solar System and Beyond (7th-12th)
Beginning at our home planet, students will explore the various objects that make up our solar system and go beyond. Discovering our location inside the Milky Way, students will also learn about current and future missions to study new worlds.
STEM Night* (All Grades)
This program is the perfect addition to your school’s STEM night! Our portable planetarium can also be paired with additional STEM activities that will leave your students and their families in awe of our world.

*In-Person At-Your-Campus Only

Additional information about our Virtual Programs

  • Approximately 30-45 minutes, live and interactive programs
  • Streamed to your device(s) using the Zoom platform
  • Uses the same planetarium software used in our dome (Planetarium Programs Only)

Financial Aid for SPOC Planetarium Programs

To inquire about funds to help offset the cost of your SPOC field trip or program, email our Education Department after filling out either a field trip or outreach request form.
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