High School Programs

Below is a current list of our outreach programs suitable for High School-age students based on TEKS, ELPS, and NGSS. For a list of the standards for each program, click the button below!

Additional information about our Virtual Programs

  • Approximately 30-45 minutes, live and interactive programs
  • Streamed to your device(s) using the Zoom platform
  • Uses the same planetarium software used in our dome (Planetarium Programs Only)
  • Optional: Pre-recorded shows created just for your class for those unable to use Zoom

Financial Aid for Programs

To inquire about funds to help offset the cost of your field trip, outreach, or virtual program, email our Education Department after filling out a request form.

Classroom/Auditorium Programs

Fight to Flight Icon

The Fight to Flight (5th-12th)

In this exciting auditorium program, students will compete in challenges demonstrating four firsts in aerospace history: the Wright Brothers, Sputnik I, Vostok I, and Apollo 11, while also learning about diverse achievements.
Emergency Mars Mission Icon

Emergency Mars Mission (7th-12th)

Students form NASA mission control teams to plan a colonizing operation to Mars. Tasks include selecting launch dates, rocket type, and diverse crew members. Their mission is then tested against rigorous scenarios to determine the rate of success and survival.
LH Icon

Living History (All grades)

History comes to life through interactive auditorium programs in which diverse aerospace characters tell their stories. Current personalities include: Amelia Earhart and Rosie the Riveter

SPOC Planetarium Programs

Journey Through Space Icon

Journey Through Space (All grades)

In this fully-customizable program, teachers choose the content! This program can be adapted to fit the teaching objectives of chemistry, physics, history, and astronomy. Mythology may be included to explain how the names of celestial objects came about. The Universe is the limit!