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What is MathFinder?

MathFinder is a collaboration between the non-profit talkSTEM and Southern Methodist University, with funding provided by the National Science Foundation. Frontiers of Flight is one of many partner sites for Math Walks that include some of the Dallas area’s leading arts, learning, and cultural institutions. To learn more about it, visit

In collaboration with talkSTEM®, we are excited to let you visit the Museum from anywhere in the world with our own walkSTEM®!

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The Wright Flyer Pt 1

The Wright Flyer Pt 2

Apollo 7 Pt 1

Apollo 7 Pt 2

Flying Pancake

Beal Rocket

SR-71 Blackbird

Boeing 737

"Every person is a STEM person. Every space is a STEM space."
– Dr. Koshi Dinghra, Founder & CEO of talkSTEM