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Programs at a Glance

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Tours at the Museum
Explore aerospace history in a way you never have before!
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Field Trips to the museum
Inspire minds through aerospace history and programs!
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At-your-campus Programs
Can't make the trip? Let us bring aerospace to you in-person or virtually!
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The Museum and STEM Education at your fingertips!
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Calling all future aviators and astronauts to engage their brains!
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Scout programs
Bring your troops to the Museum to experience aerospace up close!
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View how we broaden awareness of aerospace with our STEM initiatives!
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family events
Save the date - The Museum has events for all ages!

At the Frontiers of Flight Museum STEM is everywhere!

From early flight to modern space exploration, the Museum offers a unique learning environment for students of all ages. Our education programs are designed to apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) principles to the area of aviation and space flight through guided museum tours and classroom educational programs.