Education Programs

At the Museum, STEM is everywhere!

From early flight to modern space exploration, the Museum offers a unique learning environment for students of all ages. Our educational programs are designed to apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics principles to the area of aviation and space flight. All programs are TEKS aligned.

Field Trip Pricing
Group Rates (requires 10 or more tickets purchased)
Students $5
Chaperones 1 free adult for every 10 students
Additional Adults $9
Additional Program Pricing (requires 15 or more students)
Classroom/Auditorium Programs +$4/student
SPOC Planetarium Programs +$5/student
Classroom + SPOC Programs +$7/student

Outreach Program Pricing
Classroom (maximum of 40 students/program)
2 programs $200
Additional programs +$80/program (up to 6 total)
Auditorium (maximum of 200 students/program)
1st program $250
Additional programs +$200/program (up to 6 total)
SPOC Planetarium (maximum of 40 students/program)
1/2 day (2-3 programs) $500
Full day (4-6 programs) $800
STEM Night
Stations Only $440
Stations with SPOC $620

All Outreach Programming is subject to travel fees. All pricing is subject to change.

Education FAQ's


To inquire about funds to help offset the cost of your field trip or program,  email our education department after filling out a field trip or outreach program request. Current grants will cover our planetarium programs; for more information on our SPOC Planetarium, click here. Elementary schools in DISD may also inquire about funding through Learning Partners.

Ready for take-off!

Future pilots!

Fun at a STEM Night!

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