Education FAQ’s

Q: How do I know what programs are available on which dates?

A:  Check by submitting a request form. You will receive an email reply notifying you whether or not your dates for the program requested are available. If your date(s) are approved, you will need to reply to this e-mail confirming the date(s) so that we may send you a confirmation/invoice letter for your desired program.

Q:  Do you have a space to eat lunches? Is there a place to purchase lunches onsite?

A:  We have both indoor and outdoor spaces. If your group is larger than 70, we will schedule multiple lunch times for your group. Please note that our lunch spaces are open to the public and other visiting groups and cannot be “reserved”. We only sell snack items in our gift shop, but there are plenty of places to order from nearby and have lunches for your group delivered.

Q:  How long are education programs?

A:  Programs are normally 45 minutes long (30 minutes for our early childhood programs). When your program date is confirmed, you will receive additional information about your schedule a week prior to your scheduled date.

Q:  What is the maximum number of students per program?

A:  For our SPOC planetarium, we can fit a maximum of 40 students and 1 adult at a time. We also schedule a maximum of 40 students for our classroom programs, with some slight exceptions. If scheduling an auditorium program, we can serve up to 200 students at a time.

Q:  How many hours should we schedule for a field trip?

A:   This depends on what your group is doing! If your group is only planning on a self-guided tour, we recommend about an hour. If your group is going to do a guided tour and/or an education program, we schedule each activity for 45 minutes at a time. If you choose to do one education program,  you would schedule two to three hours (dependent on your group’s size) along with additional time for lunches. Majority of booked groups will plan to stay from 10am-1pm (3 hours) if they are doing a program.

Q:  When is payment due?

A:  Payment is due the day of the scheduled field trip. We cannot provide refunds so please make sure you have accurate numbers on your invoice whenever you make payment. If you have an outreach program at your campus, payment is due two weeks prior to the scheduled program date unless stated otherwise.

Q:  Is financial aid available?

A:  Yes, we currently have a grant for our planetarium programs for Title I Schools. After filling out either a Field Trip Request Form or an Outreach Request Form, please contact our Education Department ( for information regarding this.

Q:  What happens if we are late?

A:  If you are scheduled for a guided tour and/or program, you should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your first program. When unexpected traffic delays your arrival, please email or call the front desk (214.350.1651) if possible. We will do our best to accommodate your group, but we are unable to guarantee an adjusted schedule.

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