EA-6B Prowler Party

April 13, 2019 from 10am – noon

Happy Retirement EA-6B “Prowler” BuNo 162228

Join us for a “Prowler Party” on April 13, 2019, from 10 am – noon, sponsored by our friends at Sewell, as we celebrate the arrival of our newest aircraft, the EA-6B “Prowler” BuNo 162228, into the Museum’s extensive aircraft collection. The morning is filled with veteran speakers, photo ops, Q&A with former Prowler pilots and crew, refreshments, and activities for kids. Come “prowl” around the Museum and welcome our Prowler to her new home!

  • Keynote Speaker: Rear Admiral James Lair, USN (Ret.) – A veteran of over 200 combat missions with over 8,000 flight hours and 1,400 carrier landings during hostilities in Vietnam, Lebanon, and Bosnia. Lair’s accomplishments include serving as Commanding Officer of the USS AMERICA (CV-66) and Chief of Staff for Commander, USN 6th Fleet.
  • Q&A: Meet and greet former EA-6B “Prowler” pilots and crew members who are ready to answer your questions about this electronic warfare aircraft.
  • Special Guest Sendoff: Help us cheer on paralyzed Iraq War Veteran and Boot Campaign Ambassador Ricky Raley as he raises awareness and funds for fellow veterans during his 2-week hand-cycle ride from Dallas to Ft. Pierce, Florida.
  • Kid’s Activities: Color a Prowler mask to wear while you’re prowling around the Museum and create your very own VMAQ-2 Squadron “Jester” hat–just like the one on our Prowler’s vertical stabilizer.

Photo Credit: Erik Johnston

Be a Part of Prowler History!

Become a part of Prowler history with a special EA-6B “Prowler” Museum Membership. For a $125 donation, you will receive a limited edition EA-6B “Prowler” t-shirt, commemorative patch, and a one-year membership to the Museum.

In partnership with the VMAQ Monument Foundation, your donation will also help fund a commemorative bronze statue honoring those who served in the U.S. Marine Corps VMAQ Squadrons, which will be erected at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida.


Our Prowler’s Story

The Northrop Grumman (formerly Grumman) EA-6B “Prowler” is a twin-engine, mid-wing electronic warfare aircraft derived from the A-6 “Intruder” airframe. The EA-6B had a long and distinguished career in the U.S. Armed Forces from 1971 through 2019. Its primary mission was jamming enemy radar systems and gathering radio intelligence on enemy air defense systems. In addition to its jamming capabilities, the EA-6B carried the AGM-88 High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM), allowing it to be utilized as a Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD) platform.

The Museum’s EA-6B “Prowler”, BuNo 16228, served with Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2 (VMAQ-2), known as the “Death Jesters”. VMAQ-2 was the last squadron in the U.S. military to operate the EA-6B. In March 2019, the squadron was decommissioned along with the last two “Prowlers” in active service, BuNo 162228 and 162230. The Frontiers of Flight Museum acquired EA-6B BuNo 162228 on loan from the National Museum of the Marine Corps. On March 12, 2019, the aircraft arrived at Dallas Love Field to a host of aviation enthusiasts and a water cannon salute for a job well done. This historic retirement flight holds the distinction as being the next-to-last Prowler flight in history. Many thanks to the Business Jet Center FBO and Manager Jason Pons for hosting the arrival ceremony and housing the Prowler during the demilitarization process. We greatly appreciate CDR Bob Champney, USN (Ret.), and the DFW Tailhookers for their relentless campaign, efforts, and assistance in helping us acquire this historic aircraft–the only Prowler on display in the State of Texas! 

Photo Credit: Ivan Voukadinov

Aircraft Specifications

Primary Role

Electronic Warfare


Grumman/Northrop Grumman


2 Pratt & Whitney J52 Turbojets
10,400 lbs thrust each


Length: 59 ft, 10 in
Height: 16 ft, 8 in
Wingspan: 53 ft
Empty Weight: 31,160 lbs
Max Take-Off Weight: 61,500 lbs


Top Speed: 650 mph
Service Ceiling: 37,600 ft
Range: 2,000 miles

Crew of 4

Front: Pilot/Navigator & ECMO-1
Rear: ECMO-2 & ECMO-3
(ECMO – Electronic
Countermeasure Officer)

First Flight

25 May 1968

Entered Service

July 1971


March 2019, U.S. Marine Corps
June 2015, U.S. Navy

Photo Credit: USMC LCpl Liam D. Higgins 

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