Duval 1/48 Scale Model Aircraft Collection

350 Models Have a New Home!

What may be the largest collection of museum-quality scale model aircraft in Texas is now on display at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.  Crafted by Master Modeler Al Duval of Richardson, Texas, the collection consists of over 350 1/48 scale highly-detailed plastic models, mostly of aircraft from World War II and later. Pictured above in detail are the F4U “Corsair” and the Heinkel He 162 “Volksjäger”.

Mr. Duval, a mechanical engineer, built the models over a period of 40 years. The accuracy of the markings and the intricate detail of cockpit features reflect his outstanding craftsmanship that ranks this collection with the quality of any Smithsonian display.  Mr. Duval passed away in November 2014. His widow, Judy, donated the collection to the Museum in May 2015.

The Museum’s Curatorial Committee has inventoried and placed the models – from F.E.2b to F-117 – in four large glass display cases near the Museum entrance.

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