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DirtyDozenPosterA special operations team is on a covert mission. As they fly through the night sky over Dallas they make final preparations. They’ve zeroed in on the location and are about to make the final approach.

WATCH DIRTY 1/2 DOZEN to see what happens next!

Dirty 1/2 Dozen premiered on May 16, 2015 at the Frontiers of Flight Museum 2015 Gala. Meet the cast members from the Liberty Jump Team, a WWII military style exhibition parachute group featured in the short film.

Starring in the film are:
Gary Bostic | Kyle Clark | Tracy Huff | Justin Ivie | Karl Johnson | David McDonald
with casting and coordination by DZSO/Logistics Coordinator Jil Launay.

Plus cameos by a few familiar local faces!

Dirty 1/2 Dozen is a Gentle Production/Blurry Cowboy Productions film.

LJTLiberty Jump Team honors World War II heroes, veterans of other wars and foreign conflicts and all others who have served or are serving by participating in static-line parachute operations in the United States and the European Theater of Operations, utilizing vintage C-47s.

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