The Art of Artemis

For a limited time from June 2nd – November 30th, 2021, come see NASA’s Johnson Space Center’s new temporary exhibit “The Art of Artemis” in-person at the Museum! The exhibit represents the past, present and future of human exploration and consists of original artwork by Houston-based artists along with submission winners of a children’s art contest.

About the artists

David Maldonado is a Houston-based multidisciplinary artist and recording singer-songwriter. Being part of a younger generation and being able to witness amazing things that NASA is doing was an inspiration for his partnership with NASA. The potential to witness new leaps in space and to be a part of history, the collaborative painting was a way to honor the past, celebrate the present and dream for the future in human space exploration. The artwork was designed to be inviting and easy to collaborate with the participants and be a part of the entire mural. The three canvases that make up the whole artwork is one large horizon slowly leading up to the next as we all become part of the Artemis generation. The artwork was created by many people, of many ages and many places making every inch of the artwork unique. Maldonado’s inspiration for the custom shoes was about tying together an exciting new journey for space exploration and a younger generation. The rise in custom shoes today is a new way for people to express themselves and speak loudly through their art and message. This also signifies the next steps in space exploration and how my “boot print” will become significant in history.

Logan Goodson is a lifelong resident of the Houston Clear Lake area, Logan is a graphic artist at NASA Johnson Space Center. He is a self-taught painter whose style has been described as a fusion of realism and pop art. Logan’s fine art works for NASA have included a series of paintings of Gateway, Orion, and the Space Launch System. He recently completed a painting commemorating the 20th anniversary of the International Space Station. In 2019, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Apollo program, he created a series of paintings of the twelve American astronauts who walked on the Moon called “Moon Walkers.”

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program is working with American companies to build new rockets and spacecraft that will launch astronauts into space, to places like the International Space Station to perform experiments. Those experiments make our lives better here on Earth and prepare other astronauts for longer missions to places like the Moon and Mars. The Commercial Crew Program held an artwork contest for children aged 4 to 12 years. The winning artwork was used to create an educational 2020 calendar and is displayed in this Art(emis) Exhibit.


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