Art from the Archives

Explore treasures from our attic!
A rotating collection, come in and see our treasures from the attic! See below for our current items displayed in our Browning Gallery on our Mezzanine, Second Level.
The E.M. Johnson Collection
E.M. Johnson (1917-2011) took these unpublished photographs as a youngster hanging out at the San Angelo, Texas airport in the 1930s with a tripod-mounted high-quality Kodak camera. His photos evoke a time in aviation history—unfortunately long gone—when a kid could wander around an airport with access to the airplanes, possibly even finagling a ride from one of the pilots.
Aircraft Through the Ages
Lining both walls of the hallway, this collection of aviation art and photography from the Museum archives chronicles significant aircraft and events in aviation history. Many of the pieces are autographed by the artists and aviators themselves, and several have a connection to the Museum.
The Art of Panorama
Panoramic photography was originally complex and expensive due to the necessity of working with rigid glass or metal plates. The invention of flexible film in the 1880s simplified the process. Half of the 12 remarkable panoramas displayed here from the Museum’s archives have a connection to Love Field.