On October 11, 1968,
NASA launched the APOLLO VII mission

• It was the first manned Apollo flight, with the first American three-man crew to go into space

• Over the course of 11 days and 163 orbits, the crew exhaustively tested all the systems of the completely-redesigned Apollo Command Module

• The mission was declared “101% successful” by NASA and paved the way for America’s Moon landing less than a year later

On October 20, 2018, we will celebrate the


at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, TX,
home of the APOLLO VII spacecraft


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Chairs and Committees

Honorary Chair
The Honorable
Kay Bailey Hutchison

Event Chairs
Lt Governor Dan Patrick and Second Lady Jan Patrick

Apollo Missions Honorary Committee

Event Committee

Apollo 7
Walter Cunningham
Apollo 8
William Anders
Frank Borman
James Lovell

Apollo 9
James McDivitt
Russell Schweickart
David Scott

Apollo 10
Thomas Stafford

Apollo 11
Buzz Aldrin
Michael Collins

Apollo 12
Alan Bean
Apollo 13
Fred Haise
James Lovell

Apollo 15
Alfred Worden
Apollo 16
Charles Duke
Thomas Mattingly

Apollo 17
Harrison Schmitt

Brian Blake
Dot Cunningham
Kathy & Brian Cunningham
Dan Hamilton
Kimberly & Carl Lenz
Melissa Jacobs
Mark Mayfield
Lawrence McGlynn
Robert Pearlman
Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones
Dr. Mary Ellen Weber

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