Culver “Dart GC”

The Culver “Dart” was designed by Al Mooney (later of Mooney Aircraft) and built in Port Columbus Airport from 1939 to 1946, with approximately 50 being built. A unique feature of the “Dart” was its very wide, elliptical cantilever wing utilizing the “low-aspect ratio” concept that Al Mooney wanted. This design, coupled with the wing’s laminated spruce spar beams, resulted in the “Dart” having exceptional strength, rigidity and neck-jerking maneuverability. Never intended or considered to be a “working” airplane, the “Dart” was meant to be a fun-loving sport airplane, and did so admirably.

In 1946 Applegate-Weyant Co. acquired all rights from Culver Aircraft and produced 10 more “Darts,” the GC model, and then ceased production. This particular aircraft was one of the GC models built in 1946. In 1973, Harold Miller bought this “Dart,” and restored it with a new Stitts fabric and a Continental 145hp engine.

This aircraft was donated by Harold Miller of Dallas, Texas in 2005, beginning and ending his long 66 year career with his beloved “Dart.”  Harold enjoyed an outstanding 39 year career with American Airlines, flying it all from DC-3’s to the B-747.


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