Bell TH-1L “Iroquois” (“Huey”)

Evolved from the Bell Model 204 which, as the H-40, was the first turbine powered aircraft ordered for the United States Army, the UH-1 became universally known as the “Huey from its original designation HU-1A. First flown by Floyd Carlson at Fort Worth on October 22, 1956, it became universally famous in all branches of the U.S. military service as well as with many other nations throughout the world. The “Huey” served in virtually every mission area during the war in Southeast Asia, from carrying and re-supplying troops in combat, to gunship fire support, medical evacuation, and combat rescue. Without the “Huey,” the U.S. Army’s strategy of “vertical envelopment” by Airmobile and Air Cavalry Divisions would not have been possible. The L model “Huey” followed the B, D and H models. With a more powerful T-53-L-13 engine of 1,400 shp, it could carry 12 troops to a range of 318 miles.

This extensively refurbished aircraft, serial 157838, was flown for 7 years by owner Jim Wikert.

This aircraft was donated by Jim and Alinda Wikert of Dallas, Texas.

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