Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones, President & CEO, Phone: (214)-350-0258

Jess L. Hall, Vice-President of Development, Phone: (214)-350-3617

Luis Gonzalez, Development Director, Phone: (214)-699-4621

Rosalie Palmer, Education Manager/YWSLI, Phone (214)-699-4619

Anne-Marie Evans, Director of Operations, Phone: (214)-699-4612

Bob Welch, Museum Curator, Phone: (214)-699-4613

Brenda Magee, Museum Store Manager, Phone: (214)-699-4614

Michael Evans, Events Coordinator/Facilities, Phone: (214)-699-4620

Cheyanne Suffka, SPOC Planetarium Coordinator, Phone: (214)-699-4619

Kent Harraid, Collections Database Manager, Phone: (903)-203-9125



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