The Museum has in its collection over 30 aircraft and space vehicles, several of which were built in the North Texas area.  Examples of the genius of aviation’s Early Flyers such as the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss are on display, including a full-size model of the 1903 Wright Flyer.  Rare artifacts from the famous airship Hindenburg and other giant dirigibles are featured in the Lighter than Air gallery.  The Golden Age 1919-1939 gallery highlights the stories of Charles Lindbergh, Bessie Coleman (the first licensed African-American aviator) Richard Byrd (Arctic and Antarctic explorer), Amelia Earhart, “Jimmy” Doolittle and many other famous flyers.  In the World War IWorld War II and Cold War galleries, unique artifacts and scale models of historic military aircraft tell the stories of America’s major conflicts in the Aviation Age.  In the Space Flight gallery, the Apollo 7 spacecraft and the only Moon rock on display in North Texas anchor an extensive collection of artifacts with a full-size reproduction of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik I flying overhead.  On the north end of the building, The Heart of Our History gallery details the story of Dallas’s own Southwest Airlines, featuring a complete Boeing 737-300 aircraft and the nose section of an earlier 737-200, both accessible to the public.