On August 19, 2017, the newly renovated Braniff Gallery – one of the Museum’s largest exhibits – will open to the public. The Braniff Gallery traces the history of one of America’s most colorful airlines from its humble one-aircraft beginnings in 1928, through its worldwide expansion in the 1960s and 1970s, to its final flight in 1982.

August 19 is NATIONAL AVIATION DAY and OPEN COCKPIT DAY at the Museum. Plan a visit to see the new Braniff Gallery and get behind the controls of many of our aircraft. Open Cockpit Day is scheduled from 10AM to 2PM.


First opened over ten years ago, the Braniff Gallery will be greatly enhanced with several significant improvements, including:

  • An extensive dedicated lighting system that will dramatically improve the appearance and appeal of the entire gallery.
  • A completely new section, “The South America Experience,” that chronicles Braniff’s growth into a truly international airline with the opening of new routes to the southern hemisphere after
    World War II.
  • Touch-screen video presentations of Braniff history, the airline’s personalities, and the supersonic aerodynamics of the Concorde.
  • New display cases containing several recently-acquired unique artifacts from the collections of several Braniff flight crew members.
  • Additional newly-formatted graphics that showcase Braniff’s rich and colorful history.


This major renovation of the Braniff Gallery is made possible by generous donations from Bill Schoknecht, Pete Huff, Anonymous (in honor of Maria Surgeon), Orville Rogers, Jack Morton, the Braniff International Silver Eagles, the Clipped Bs, and many other members of the extensive Braniff family including pilots, flight attendants, and mechanics who have pooled their resources and worked with the Museum on the Braniff Gallery


In conjunction with the opening of the new gallery, the Museum will also become one of the many sites along the Braniff Trail, a project of the Braniff Airways Foundation to permanently mark and identify sites and facilities that played major roles in the development and growth of Braniff Airways. This project includes the placement of plaques in not only Dallas/Ft. Worth and Oklahoma City, but also as far West as Hong Kong and Hawaii, London in the East and Buenos Aires in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Foundation, in conjunction with Preservation Dallas and Dallas Historical Society began the lengthy and extensive historical project in 2014. Over 30 plaques will be placed with certain locations receiving more than one historical plaque. “Braniff Hikers” will be provided with a map to embark on a full-scale local and global tour to view each of the sites. The Braniff Trail will be officially debuted in 2018, as an integral part of Braniff’s 90th Anniversary Celebration.